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Personalized & Speciality Tags
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Specialty Tags

Specialty Tags may purchased at any Tax Collector or Branch Tag Office. These plates carry unique designs, that were created to honor specific organizations. In addition to the annual license tax, there is an annual use fee ranging from $20.00 to $30.00.
The use fee and the processing fee are charged each year, in addition to the registration fee, upon renewal.
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Personalized Tags

Personalized Tags can be purchased at any Tax Collector office. Fees will vary depending on what type of specialty tag is ordered. Application for the initial personalized tag can be made any time.
The $15.00 personalization fee is charged each year upon renewal. You must order your new personalized tag at least two months ahead of registration expiration.

A Personalized License Plate Application may be picked up at any Tax Collector or Branch Tag Office.

NOTE: Registration fee reduction effective September 1, 2014. Fees may not be current and are subject to change.
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