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Pet License Requirements
Pet License > Pet License Requirements
Pet Licenses
Per Martin County Ordinance #710 Sec. 9.61 & 9.62, owners are required to have their cats and dogs vaccinated against rabies and obtain a Martin County Animal License.

A new license tag must be purchased each year for all cat and dog pets, regardless if the animal has a one year or three year vaccination. To obtain a pet license, bring a copy of a current rabies vaccination certificate issued by the veterinarian.

dog and cat photo Per Martin County Ordinance #710 Sec. 9.61 & 9.62

When the dog or cat reaches the age of three (3) months
Within thirty (30) calendar days of acquiring the dog or cat
Within thirty (30) calendar days of entering Martin County
Within thirty (30) calendar days of license tag expiration
Within thirty (30) calendar days after rabies vaccination

Sterilized Pets
           With Microchip = $10.00
           Without Microchip = $20.00

Unsterilized Pets with or without microchip $75.00
Dangerous Dog license: $60.00
Replacement Tags: $2.00

Where to Purchase Pet LicensesMCTC

All Martin County Tax Collector Offices

The Animal Shelter/Humane Society - 4100 SW Leighton Farms Rd., Palm City, Florida

NOTE: Fees may not be current and are subject to change!
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