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Disabled Parking Permits
Motor Vehicle Tags & Titles > Disabled Parking Permits
Application Requirements
The form HSMV 83039 includes the application, the Physician's statement of certification and the Application By An Organization. When you have carefully read the form on both the front and back, complete the form and submit it to one of our offices. For your convenience,Handicap Symbol you may apply for your parking permit through the mail or in person.

You must submit the following when applying for a disabled parking sticker:
Form HSMV 83039 that establishes your eligibility for a disabled parking permit.
A copy of your Florida driver license or Florida identification card.

Fees are based on the fee chart on the application form. After you have been issued a parking permit, you will receive a renewal notice before your next expiration date. Feel free to call our office if you have any questions concerning the parking permit program.

Procedures and Instructions
Provisions of Law: Section 320.0848, Florida Statutes, provides for Blue Handicap Sticker the issuance of the disabled person parking permits. This section was amended to no longer allow the applicant to qualify because they are unable to walk 200 feet. This disability must be due to a condition listed in A thru F on the reverse side in the Physician's Statement Section.

Application Requirements for a Regular or Temporary Permit by the Disabled Person:

1. The application for the disabled person parking permit must be completed.
2. Proof of the disability must be indicated on form HSMV 83039, Physician's Statement of Certification section.
3. An additional permit may be issued to a disabled person who qualifies as a frequent traveler or as      a quadriplegic as follows: NOTE:* A frequent traveler must indicate on the application form that they frequently travel by plane, train, bus or boat and need one permit to park their vehicle at the place of departure and another one to use at their destination.

After the parking permit application has been completed and signed by a physician, the applicant has the option of requesting a wheelchair license plate at the county tax collector's office. The current license plate is surrendered and the wheelchair plate is issued to expire on the same date as the one surrendered. The registration fee is required on this license plate annually in addition to proof of Florida insurance.
4. Fees:
Blue colored parking permits are four (4) year and expire on the disabled person's birthday four (4) years after it was         issued. No Fee.
A person with a temporary disability may apply for a red colored temporary parking permit which may be issued up to         6 months: $15.00 regardless of the number of days for which it is issued.
The permit may be extended to a year without a charge.
No additional permit is allowed.

The permits may be renewed by several methods including mail, phone or by visiting one of our offices.

General Information
The permit will be issued for up to four years. Additional permits are issued with the same expiration date as the initial permit regardless of when the additional permit is issued. DO'S AND DON'TS. Click on this link to view a brief summary of the Do's and Don'ts for using a Florida Disabled Parking Placard.

Expiration Date
Permits issued to disabled persons will expire on the owner's birthday. Permits issued to an organization will be issued for four years and expire in June. Temporary permits are not to exceed 6 months.

The permit must be hung on the rear view mirror of any vehicle used to transport the disabled person(s). The permit number must face the front of the vehicle.

Section 316.1958, Florida Statutes, provides that motor vehicles displaying a license plate or parking permit issued to a disabled person by any other state or district subject to laws of the United States shall be recognized as a valid plate or permit, allowing such vehicle the special parking privileges in Florida, provided such other state or district grants reciprocal recognition for disabled residents of this state. All of the United States have agreed to reciprocate.
WARNING: Florida Driver License or Florida Indentification Card is required when this parking permit is in use.
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